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Mid-Power LED & Reflector Technology

Mid-Power LED & Reflector Technology


  • High Efficacy In Lighting – Min. 120lm/w, 5000K, 80 Ra
  • %98 Min. Reflection Ratio – Nano Silver Reflector
  • %0 Light Loss to Sky - Low UGR, Low Glare Ratio, Dark Sky Friendly
  • LED Chips with Less Amper Driven, More Quantity of LED Chips, Less Risk for Failure
  • If Anyone of the LED Chips Fail, Others Continue to Operate

Reliable LED Choice + Protective Design for LED Chips (Tireless LED Chips)

More LED Chip Quantity with Less Risk of Failure, Less Amper Driven, Longer Lifetime*

Long Economical L70 Lifetime

LEDs driven with at least 50% less amperage than the current values recommended by LED chip manufacturer companies, L70 economic life with 50% decrease in ambient temperature of 50°C with excellent coolant design can see +100,000 hours. The temperature difference is always lower than 30°C.


At an ambient temperature of 50°C, the temperature measurement at the highest point on the electronic printed circuit where the LEDs are arranged, as well as the highest temperature measurements on the driver are provided below for all products such as tests on META model street luminaire.